HVAC Direct Mail Solutions

Your direct mail solution is only as effective as the strategy behind it. At BlueWing we have the comprehensive and turn-key direct mail solutions you’re looking for backed by a team of industry experts. We’ll show you that a well-executed mail solution provides the competitive edge you need to grow your business.

Our HVAC Direct Mail Strategy

BlueWing has partnered with numerous HVAC companies, sending out over 30,000,000 pieces of direct mail annually. As a result, we know which direct mail creative, formats, offers and frequency models work and which do not.

Our comprehensive direct mail strategy is based on 3 key factors that lead to predictable and successful results.

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3 Keys to a Winning Direct Mail Strategy

1. The mail piece is not the only factor.

While the direct mail creative design, offer and message of piece are very important, there are other factors that significantly impact the success of your direct mail solution. Details such as the quality of the list, frequency the recipient is mailed, proximity, competitive offers and effectiveness of your staff handling inbound calls are just a few of the other factors that influence return on investment. BlueWing knows the in’s and the out’s of navigating these details and will execute a full market analysis and consultation that shapes your plan.

2. Mail customers first and the rest of the world last.

Without question, direct mailing current and past customers generates the highest response rates, even 5 to 10 times greater than a prospect mailing. These people have already experienced your products and services and trust you. It’s critical for HVAC companies to communicate with their customers and stay top-of-mind because there are significant gaps between purchases. If you’re not mailing your customer, your competition is.

In today’s economy it’s not enough to rely on current customers. To grow your HVAC business, your marketing strategy must also attract new customers. BlueWing’s Neighborhood Radius Mail system is proven to draw more calls and response than competitive mail strategies. We start with an in-depth analysis of your database. Using that data, we build a profile of the target that is most likely to buy from you, create a mailing list and craft the strategy according to your goals and budget.

3. Frequency is fundamental.

The more you direct mail to an individual, the more likely they are to respond. BlueWingHVAC recommends mailing to customers 6 times per year, and integrating prospect campaigns according to your budget.

Call (877) 960-3292 or fill out the form on this page to speak with an experienced BlueWing representative and personalize your winning HVAC direct mail strategy today.

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HVAC Direct Mail Campaigns

Once the direct mail strategy is outlined, the next factor that determines the success of your direct mail campaign is the direct mail creative, design and offers on the piece. With BlueWing you have the comfort of knowing that the direct mail ideas built into your plan have already been tested and proven to work across a variety of markets, consistently delivering the highest possible ROI. Our direct mail creative incorporates offers for tune-ups, repairs and new installments, in a variety of formats (including postcards) that create sense of urgency to draw response. BlueWing also continuously designs and tests new HVAC direct mail ideas so your message stays fresh, current and adaptive to market trends.

Pricing includes:

  •  A dedicated account manager
  •  Market analysis
  •  Creative design
  •  Data cleaning and purchasing
  •  Printing and production
  •  Postage
  •  Call tracking line
  •  Shipping
  •  Results tracking

To request samples of BlueWing's winning direct mail creative, please call (888) 481-5376 or fill out the online form.

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  • Gain More Customers
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