HVAC Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards can be an effective tool to generate calls and sales for your HVAC business. Most HVAC companies send out direct mail postcards through a local print shop, but few do it in a way that maximizes ROI. Despite their popularity, HVAC industry data shows standard postcards tend to be much less effective than magnetic and laminated postcards.

Magnetic Postcards

direct mail postcards, magneticMagnetic postcards are stronger performers because recipients hold onto them, prominently displaying your HVAC business magnet on the refrigerator door. Your company stays top-of-mind all year round. When an HVAC or plumbing issue arises, your phone number is in plain sight for the customer to call. Our magnetic postcards can be customized with a single or multiple offers.

Laminated Postcards

Like magnetic postcards, laminated postcards are also proven to draw a better response than standard postcards. BlueWing’s laminated postcards feature a tear-off gift card on a heavier, laminated stock that engages the recipient. The card easily fits in a wallet and can remain there until the need for a repair or maintenance arises.

HVAC Direct Mail Proven Pieces

direct mail postcards, laminatedBlueWing direct mail postcards are tested and proven to work, so no guessing is involved. In addition to standard, magnetic and laminated postcards we also offer other direct mail products that maximize response. A BlueWing representative will start by consulting with you and understanding your goals and budget. Next, we perform a market analysis and build a direct mail strategy that targets current customers and best prospects. You select the direct mail creative to feature from our library of proven work, and then you’re on the way to more calls and appointments for your technicians! It’s that simple.

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