Using First-Party Data To Enhance Your Marketing

Friday, January 18, 2019

BlueWing HVAC | Using First-Party Data To Enhance Your Marketing

If you’ve learned anything in the last year, we hope that it’s been that personalization matters when it comes to direct marketing. Customers respond better to personalized content, and companies have taken notice. According to eConsultancy, 88% of companies say that personalized content helped them achieve a measurable lift in sales. How can you achieve the level of personalization your customers desire? The key is first-party data. Not only will this allow you to make your marketing more personalized, but it will help you reach new customers.

What is First Party Data

When you set up a CRM platform, like Salesforce, you are able to collect first-party data on your customers to use for marketing. First-party data is information that your company collects and owns. This information can include email addresses, demographic info, names, purchase history, and more. While you may wonder how likely your customers are to submit this information, Salesforce reports that 63% of millennials and 46% of baby boomers will submit their information in order to get personalized discounts. First-party data offers a wealth of information about your customers. Your company can use this information to create a more personalized experience for customers who are in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel.

What can you do with this data?

Firstly, you should decide what data is important and what isn’t. The data you chose should be dictated based on your marketing goals and initiative. Your next step should be cleaning and structuring the data you collect. This will help keep you organized and allow your team to easily use the information. Then, you can determine how the data you have collected overlaps with your marketing touch points. For example, when customers respond to your emails or social posts by clicking on your links and liking them, you can add that information to your data files and use it in the future to tailor your marketing to them. One way you can maximize your data is by creating a lookalike audience when you run a Facebook ad - this will help you find new customers who have the same interests as your existing customers.

First-party data is an essential tool for your marketing kit this year. With it, you can tailor your messaging to your existing customers and use that data to gain new ones. To learn more about using first-party data to your advantage, contact BlueWing HVAC today.


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