Use Paid Social To Get More Customers

Monday, October 22, 2018

Social media is a wildly popular way for people to connect with people they love and brands they like. Over the last year alone, the number of people who say they actively use a Facebook account has increased by 15%. But Facebook isn’t just a place for people to connect with each other. Social media platforms can help businesses like yours reach more customers. But in order for you to really maximize the power of social media, you should consider paid social.

The Power Of Paid Social

What is paid social exactly? Paid social is basically sponsored content run in the form of ads or sponsored posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is an effective way to reach customers because there are so many people who use social media daily - roughly ninety-seven percent of American adults, to be exact. The benefits of paid social are tremendous.

Brand Awareness

Typically, one tweet will reach about 10% of your followers. With paid search, however, you can reach nearly twice that number. Not only can you reach your followers, but you can also reach people who have expressed interest in your products and services. Unlike other mediums, you can also target people based on their location, job title, likes, and more. While you can pull reporting on how your organic posts resonate with your prospects, paid social allows for you to more accurately understand your audience engagement and response rates. You can use that data to tweak your campaigns, improving them and adjusting them.

Return On Investment

Paid social also helps to drive traffic to your website. In fact, studies have found that 78% of people are more likely to visit a website from a paid ad. Running a paid ad on Facebook is a good way to reach customers looking for an AC tune-up. One way to augment your ads to achieve a greater click-through rate is to include a clickable call to action or CTA. The CTA should link directly to a form fill or email. Studies have shown this method to be especially effective, as it can boost click-through rate by 35%.

Paid social is an essential tool for your marketing arsenal. By building a strategy and creating ads that resonate with your customers, you’ll get the maximum return on your investment. Not sure where to start? Look no further than BlueWing HVAC. We have a team of social media experts who speak all things social and who know the HVAC industry like the back of their hands. To learn more about our social media services, contact BlueWing HVAC today (877) 960-3292.


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