Reengage Lost Customers With Direct Mail

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

You know the statistic: you’re 60 percent more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a new prospect (Small Business Trends). You know that nurturing relationships with your existing customers is essential to your businesses success – but what happens if those customers stop calling you for HVAC services? Understanding why people have become lapsed customers in the first place will help you identify ways to appeal to them. While you may be scrambling to develop a strategy to get them back, there’s one thing in your marketing toolbox that can help you reengage those lost customers: direct mail. Here’s why direct mail can be an effective way to reach your lost customers.

There’s no spam blocker at the post office

While email is a great way to reach customers, it can often get lost in spam filters. In addition, people are 79 percent more likely to act on direct mail right away (Small Business Trends). How can you be sure your direct mail piece will get the attention it deserves? First, be sure your mailing lists are always up to date. Though there is no spam blocker at the post office, there’s still a chance the mail can be sent back with “return to sender” or “does not live here” written across it. Second, personalization is key. Once you know your lists are up to date, speak directly to your customer by adding a more personalized message on the envelope and the direct mail piece itself.

There’s no unsubscribe button for direct mail

While people are often overwhelmed with the number of emails in their inbox, they are hesitant to toss out direct mail in the way they would delete an email. Because people are more likely to hold on to direct mail, and because people are more familiar with this medium, response rates for direct mail are often higher than other mediums. You can leverage the effectiveness of direct mail by sending targeted messaging to your customers – adding content like “we miss you,” “long time, no see,” and “we hope you’ve been well,” reminding your customers of their need for your services.

The envelope can make a big impact

While email is an effective way to alert customers about your offers or specials, they might not find out about it in time if the email goes unopened. Unlike email, your direct mail recipients don’t have to click or open anything to see an offer. How can you do this? Get creative with your direct mail! Send a post card with discounts on AC or furnace repairs on the back or add a few notes about your new services on the envelope.

Our team came across a case study for the Belgian retailer Outlet Avenue that reinforces the power of direct mail. When Outlet Avenue found that 45% of its customers were no longer engaged, the brand sent them a personalized post card that included an offer. Nearly 64% of these customers reengaged.

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