Personalization in Marketing, Part 2: Targeted Social Ads

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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Integrated marketing is becoming more personal than ever. In this series of blogs, we’ll share how you can create more relevant messaging, no matter the channel you’re using or audience you’re trying to reach.

In the first entry of this series, we talked about direct mail; specifically, how to personalize it for your customers based on the information already available in your database. Using variables specific to your customers, you can send pieces of direct mail that speak to their unique needs, leveraging past purchasing behavior to inform your decisions.

The result? Mail that’s not only delivered directly to your customers’ mailboxes, but in a way that’s uniquely informative, lucrative, and personal. Direct mail isn’t the only way to personalize your marketing, though.

With the growth of other digital channels, there are ways to reach your customers that go beyond a postcard or letter in their stack of mail. According to Google, mobile searches — especially during the holiday season — are growing at an exponential rate. Consumers are going straight to their phones to find, research, and purchase the products or services at the top of their wish lists.

Here’s how you can get your messages to their mobile phones, increasing the reach of your integrated marketing campaigns on increasingly popular platforms.

Targeted Social Ads on Facebook

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in the United States, with a majority of users driving traffic from their mobile phones. And year-over-year, Facebook has experienced a 30% increase in ad revenue since 2018.

It remains a destination for consumers and marketers alike, making Facebook a highly competitive space for brands to reach their customers. The saturation also means that your message must stand out in a crowded field, and personalization can help you do just that.

On Facebook, you can actually match prospects or customers from your current mailing list to their unique accounts on Facebook. Those “hits” — created by precise name, email, or phone number matches — allow you to send display ads directly to their Facebook feeds.

At BlueWing HVAC, we’ve helped clients experience a 30% lift in conversions when leveraging digital advertising in conjunction with direct mail campaigns. We’ve found that conversions are highest when direct mail is delivered in the middle of a digital campaign.

When messages are closely tied together — online and in physical pieces of mail — they elicit an emotional response, one that drives your customers to take an action. According to Adobe, emotions influence 80 percent of consumer decisions, and making your customers feel “heard” or listened to appeals to the emotion needed to make a purchase or commitment.

Right Message, Right Time

Sending the right message at the right time is much more about process than luck. Today, we know more about our customers than ever before; their buying habits, their credit scores, their full names, and more.

All of this helps us target them in ways that we once thought impossible. While variable information printing has become an industry standard, there are still countless opportunities to personally reach consumers, wherever they are.

Through Facebook advertising, we can unlock the power of the data at our fingerprints to make our integrated marketing campaigns even more effective. The personalization we’ve achieved in direct mail is replicable online, in ways that make the journey even more intuitive for the consumer.

If you’d like to get started on your own data-driven, social media campaign, head over to the BlueWing HVAC website to learn more. And stay tuned for our next blog on making your marketing more personal.


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