Outrank Competitors Through Local SEO

Friday, September 16, 2022
Local SEO BlueWing

Do you know how your HVAC business performs on local search engine result pages (SERPs)? When ranking high in local search, you need to pay attention to your SEO and your competitors' actions.

This blog will help you understand local SEO and how to outrank competitors by conducting a competitive analysis.

Local SEO and Competitive Analysis

First, you will need to understand what local SEO is to ensure you implement its best practices for local ranking. Local SEO is limited to a physical community and supports a network of small businesses. Since it focuses on smaller areas to target – typically based on which neighborhoods your HVAC business serves – you will likely only target around 20-100 keywords.

HVAC businesses with defined distances of how far they will go to service a home should target keywords relevant to those neighborhoods. Some keywords to consider are heating, air conditioning, cooling, HVAC, repairs, maintenance, and keywords specific to the location, like the town or community name.

As you work on improving your local SEO, it is essential to conduct a competitive analysis. Performing this analysis allows you to see where you stand amongst competitors in SERPs. You will gain the necessary insights into improving your local SEO strategy to outrank them.

Some insights you can uncover from a competitive analysis for local SEO include:

  • Which competitor is ranking at the top
  • How they achieved their ranking
  • Where they've focused their targeting strategy
  • Where you may be able to outrank them

By understanding your competitor's effort and approach, you can learn what to improve to outrank them.

Improve Upon Your Local SEO

When conducting a local SEO competitive analysis, there are three local ranking factors to keep in mind:

  • Proximity
  • Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization
  • On-page content

Compare your proximity to your competitors. Are you closer to your target audience? Does location matter to your audience? We suggest looking at your competitor's location; it may play a role in why they rank number one in SERPs. A quick check on their location will help you understand how much distance matters in your market. You may even discover that you should focus on a different town or community based on proximity results.

Assess your GBP optimization. Evaluate your GBP against your competitors to see how you can improve your profile listing. Accurate information on your profile will be necessary for ranking higher in SERPs, as Google will select the most relevant profiles based on the user's search and location. Where is your profile falling flat? Do you have the correct name, address, and business hours? Have you included pictures and a list of your HVAC services? Another significant factor is customer reviews. Prospects consider the quantity and quality of testimonials when making a home service decision. Improving your GBP can help keep customers informed and help your profile rank higher in local SERPs.

Finally, you'll want to analyze your on-page content. What information do you include on your website? What should the customer or prospect learn from visiting your web page? When a consumer sees your page, you will want to ensure that you point them to helpful information about your services, have easy navigation to explore and learn more, and list contact information to make a service appointment. Take time to analyze your competitor's homepage or location page. Compare what they have to your pages. Look at your web page's user interface, read the content, and understand how much time and effort your competitor is investing into their website. You will find that improving your website content will help in local search ranking.

BlueWing's expert digital team works with HVAC businesses large and small to optimize their local SEO. We'll help you run a competitive analysis to discover how to get your business in the number one spot in local SERPs. We'll look at your location, GBP performance, and on-page content and provide improvement recommendations based on SEO best practices.

Rank Higher in Local SEO Search

Using competitive analysis insights will help you understand where you rank amongst other local HVAC businesses. Analyzing what your competitor is doing can assist in directing you to make suitable adjustments to your local SEO to outrank competitors.

Need help getting started? BlueWing's seasoned digital team has years of SEO and keyword experience that will have your GBP ranking higher in SERPs. Reach out to us to begin outranking the competition.

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