Maximize Engagement with QR Codes

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
QR Code Scanning

Looking to elevate your mail campaigns to achieve higher engagement and interaction? BlueWing, a Darwill company, has just the right tech to help! QR codes are transforming the way that consumers interact with brands, mail, and other print material.

Adding QR codes to your direct mail campaigns can increase engagement and connect customers and prospects to the information they are looking for.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into QR code use and how they benefit your HVAC business.

Adding QR Codes to Your Campaign

QR codes can be added to any direct mail campaign. A QR code is a black and white pixelated box containing a barcode. When this barcode is scanned by a phone with a QR code scanner, one thing it can do is prompt the phone to open a new internet window directing to the content linked to the code. This content may be a company landing page, coupon, offer, or something else. QR codes are also capable of initiating a phone call or text upon scanning the embedded code. According to Statista, in 2021, 75.8 million smartphone users in the U.S. scanned a QR code on their mobile devices. That’s a lot of potential customers that will likely require some type of HVAC service or maintenance at some point in life.

Take restaurant QR codes for example. Restaurants are increasing their use of QR codes as they remove the need for a physical menu. They provide the customer with a fast way to pull up the menu on their phone all by scanning the code provided at the table.

By adding a QR code to your mail campaigns, your customers and prospects now have the opportunity to interact with the piece by scanning to find out more. This is great for providing more information on your services and offers. Instead of taking the time to type out a question into their search or researching HVAC businesses, QR codes take them directly to the information right after a simple scan. They are more convenient and easier to use than ever before now that many mobile phones have the capability to scan them with the camera instead of having to download a scanner app.

You may also use a QR code to bring the consumer to your website to fill out a form. Using this method 1) enables you to gain information about the customer, 2) utilize the information for future campaigns, and 3) provides the consumer with content or an offer in hopes they use your services when they need HVAC assistance.

How QR Codes Help HVAC Business

QR codes help your customers get to your website fast and buy products or schedule maintenance appointments easily. The information they are searching for is just one scan away with the help of a QR code.

QR Codes help your business in the following ways:

  • Quick access to your content or offer
  • Direct customers and prospects to service information, etc.
  • Create an interactive experience between direct and digital marketing efforts
  • Collect consumer information by directing to a form fill
  • Increase website traffic and brand awareness
  • Measurable and trackable results for continued learning

Add A QR Code to Your Campaign Today

Interested in using QR codes? BlueWing is here to help! We’ll explore our QR code options with you and apply them to the campaigns that make the most sense. QR codes are a trackable way to help get your content to customers and prospects quickly and increase engagement with your brand. Talk to us to learn more!


  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Gain More Customers
  •   Maximize Your Sales and ROI