Marketing Trends For 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Now that the year has come and gone, it’s time to discuss what we can anticipate the future will hold for your HVAC marketing strategies. We’ve put together this a few marketing trends that will shakeup your marketing this year.

Technology Becomes More Personal

The first is the most obvious, personalization. The minds behind technology are learning quickly how to adapt their inventions and innovations so that they’re customizable. Businesses, especially in tech, are now competing to cater to individual tastes and preferences instead of just solving a general need. Also, people are now starting to move away from the very public social media profiles to more direct communication channels, like messaging applications. What does this mean for you? Make sure your marketing messages are more personal, as this will help you engage with their customers.

Advertising Becomes More Targeted

Online advertisements, particularly on social networks, are allowing more businesses to reach their target market easier without breaking the bank. Social networks like Facebook allow for more specific descriptions and traits, so advertising is becoming less large-scale and more focused on niched audiences. What does this mean for you? By using targeted social media ads <link to social media page>, you can extend your reach, boost engagement, and get your brand in front of your customers.

Marketing Becomes More Interactive

Marketers are moving away from flashy techniques and are considering the individual consumer’s overall experience with the brand. Big companies like Coca-Cola have gotten in on the movement, too – remember when they started printing names on Coca-Cola bottles?

Technological inventions are also becoming more about interacting to create new experiences. We’re seeing VR glasses, AR software, voice-enabled technology and artificial intelligence. These are forcing marketers to think of new ways to engage with the consumers but also allows them greater access to the individual on a daily basis.

Video Content Will Be More Prevalent

While blog posts made up of blocks of texts are relevant and incredibly useful in driving traffic from SEO, people are looking for content that caters to more senses. Audio appeals to both the senses of sight and sound. Pretty soon, with the direction of latest innovations, touch may join the roster.

Stories Will Be A Major Brand Builder

People have loved stories since they first learned to communicate. As more tools are now at our disposal, we’re learning that stories are becoming a more integral part of day-to-day life. People want to share about how the cat fell into the pool or grandma’s hundredth birthday.

Brands are now cultivating that fondness to develop a better understanding in consumers of what companies stand for. As so much content out there is rehashed, people are looking for new, original stories that stand out from the competition and are easy to remember.

As the world evolves, there’s always something new to learn that you can apply to market your business. For more tips on marketing your HVAC business, contact BlueWing HVAC at (877) 960-3292.


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