Maintain Your HVAC Website in 2022

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Maintain Your HVAC Website in 2022

Just as you recommend mechanical maintenance on your customers' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, we as marketers recommend maintaining your website. Monitoring your HVAC website and ongoing cleaning or maintenance allows for a better customer experience.

Your customers want to interact with a functioning website that provides them with the answers they are searching for. If you aren’t currently maintaining your website, BlueWing HVAC recommends getting started by performing error sweeps and optimizing your website for mobile devices.

Frequent Web Clean Up

It’s time to incorporate website maintenance and clean sweeps into your strategy moving forward. Once you have a website created and published, the work doesn’t stop there. You need to frequently monitor its performance and clean up errors that could cause high bounce rates, slow load times, and an overall poor user experience.

Weekly maintenance helps to keep your website healthy between major updates. This can be as simple as checking website links to make sure they work and proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors. You may also consider diving deeper to remove unnecessary data or pages that negatively impact performance.

These seemingly small changes make a big impact to the user. Fixing spelling and grammar improves the professional appearance of your website and brand. Customers want to do business with HVAC companies and contractors that know what they are talking about. If professionalism and knowledgeable information is not apparent on your website, you will lose customers to your competitor.

As you read through your copy for spelling and grammar, you may also want to consider adding keywords and phrases to the textual copy. Conduct research to discover what terms are being used by customers when searching for HVAC services. You’ll want to add the same words or similar phrases in your text so that your website is seen as a credible source and pulled into the search results. Getting your page to rank high in search results is worth it as the first page of Google results receives 95% of web traffic. Improve your rankings by adding keywords that connect consumers’ questions to your answers.

When you perform a web sweep you should also check all the hyperlinks, call to actions (CTA), and buttons. While this may seem obvious, it is often forgotten. Over time, links can break for various reasons. There may be a change to the server that hosts the website or the page you are linking to may have been deleted. The best way to combat this is to be proactive. Go in and fix any errors or make updates to links when necessary. You’ll want to be sure that all your links, CTA’s, and buttons are bringing customer to the right spot. Broken links can lead to frustration and ultimately cause the customer to find their answer elsewhere.

Get Your Site Working on Mobile

The next big thing that you’ll want to do is check how your website functions on mobile. Mobile searches are increasing as consumers use their device to find information quickly and conveniently. More than half of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device with 79% of smartphone users having made an online purchase or service-based decision on their mobile device. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have a mobile-optimized website.

Checking your mobile performance can be as easy as exploring your website on your own phone. Look at your website on mobile as if you were the customer. Check out each page and click around to see if everything is working properly and appearing as it should. Customers should be able to easily navigate to product information, offers, unit repair/upgrades, and contact information just as they would on desktop.

Many times, we forget to make sure that certain design layouts or design elements look nice on both desktop and mobile. Forgetting to check this on mobile can lead to parts of your website running off the page.

Consider your audience while scanning your mobile site. Older audiences may have a hard time reading smaller text or making sense of where they need to click to find more information. You want your website to be easily understood and have information accessible. As you walk through your mobile site note everything that needs to be updated. If something doesn’t look nice or make sense to you, then it will not make sense to your customer.

Mobile web appearance and functionality can often be forgotten. Don’t just assume your website will automatically translate well to mobile, take the extra step to understand your customers’ experience during their mobile search.

Create a Better Website with BlueWing HVAC

It may seem difficult knowing where to start. We’re here to help you to create a better web user experience that will help increase appointments and bring in sales. If you need help with the two topics covered in this blog or if you want to take your web maintenance even further, BlueWing HVAC’s team of experts is here to help. Contact us to build a better website experience.


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