The Importance of Customer Profiling

Friday, June 10, 2022
Customer Profiling

Understanding who your customers are and whom to target can help your HVAC company increase business. That’s why BlueWing, a Darwill company, offers customer profiling and market analysis to discover insights on who the right prospects are in your marketplace.

Analyzing customer profiles and the market helps to send the right direct mail and digital marketing to prospects that result in conversions.

What is Customer Profiling?

Simply put customer profiling is identifying the characteristics of the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. These characteristics can be found through demographics, psychographics, buying patterns, and other factors.

Customer profiling enables HVAC businesses to have a clear description of their current customers. This helps to determine who is more likely to buy your product or service in the future based on who purchased it in the past. Identifying those who are most likely to purchase from you is more valuable than targeting everyone.

BlueWing’s customer profiling sets us apart. We can integrate your CRM data with our own software to draw insights into customers and potential prospects. Once insights are gained, we can group customer sets based on similarities, score everyone, and build data models – allowing us to be more precise when targeting.

Building a customer profile also helps us budget based on your goals. Through BlueWing’s customer profiling, you will learn information about your customers and prospects that you may not have known before. With our in-depth analysis, we find out who your customers really are and whom to go after next.

Benefits of Customer Profiling

Creating customer profiles is essential for growing your HVAC business. The information gathered from profiling is impactful for the entire company.

Customer profiling benefits include:

  • Identify prospects with a high propensity to convert
  • Lowers customer acquisition cost
  • Promotes a personalized customer experience
  • Reduces the percentage of customers who stop using your services

Scoring and Data Modeling

As mentioned earlier, we take customer insights gained from your CRM to build data models and score everyone based on their likeliness to convert. We score prospects based on how they compare to current customers.

Building models helps to visualize which customers and prospects should be targeted. With a modeled selection approach (pictured below), we are able to find prospects that fit the right qualifications that may have been missed in a “market to everyone everywhere” approach.

BlueWing Modeling Process

BlueWing Modeling Process 2

Through scoring and modeling, we narrow down the list of whom to target. Refining this list is beneficial for budgeting. Now you can rest assured knowing that your budget is being spent wisely on customers and prospects that have a high propensity to convert instead of spending on people you are unsure of. Scoring will also help you understand how much you may need to spend to reach more people.

Reach the Right Prospects with BlueWing’s Customer Profiling

BlueWing helps HVAC businesses target and attract the right people for your services. We collect data on demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behavioral factors to build sophisticated customer profiles that put your business on a better path to market dominance. Get a clear picture of your customers and prospects with BlueWing. Contact us today!


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