HVAC Marketing for the Change of Seasons

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
HVAC Marketing For Changing Seasons

When it comes to marketing your HVAC business and services, you’ll want to keep the seasons in mind. The season and its accompanying weather will be a determining factor in the service, maintenance, or repair that your customers and prospects require.

Formulating a marketing plan around the seasons will help you gain more leads and complete sales. BlueWing, a Darwill company, can assist in pointing you in the right direction when it comes to deciding which services to market when.

What to Consider Before Planning

There are some things to take into consideration before you plan seasonal marketing. The location of your business as well as whom you are marketing to. For example, larger HVAC companies may have locations across the nation. In this case, they may be dealing with states that experience all four seasons and states that only have two seasons. While a local HVAC business may only service people in the area that experience the same seasons each year.

In these examples, it is important to understand the seasons in which your business is servicing. A national business would need to think about the seasons experienced in each state they have locations. Some states will require marketing for spring, summer, fall, and winter, whereas others may only have warm and hot seasons where marketing for heating equipment would not make sense. Sending winter marketing to an area that does not get snow or cold weather is of no use to the customer and prospect receiving it, resulting in wasteful marketing spending.

When it comes to whom you are marketing to, think about the areas you are covering with direct mail. Are the customers and prospects you are targeting in homes? Or are you sending it to those that live in apartments and condos? With BlueWing’s Data Science team you gain access to consumer data to discover insights about your target audience. This is important because some apartments and condos already have established services to maintain their residents’ heating and air conditioning (AC) units. If this is the case, you can sort through your mailing lists to exclude these apartment and condo renters and owners as they will not require your service whilst living there.

Building Seasonal HVAC Campaigns

A few key service messages that you will want to build out in your seasonal campaigns will focus on unit maintenance, repairs, and new unit installs. This goes for both AC campaigns for summer (warmer months) and furnace campaigns for winter (cooler months).

Dependent on your location, summer and winter are typically considered the “busy seasons.” Many consumers are starting their units again for the first time in the year and run into problems as they haven’t maintained the unit in advance. This leads to last-minute repairs and creates a lot of business for the season.

During the prime warm and cool months, you can extend offers, coupons, and other deals for AC and furnace maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. It is also a good idea to think about the holidays and events that typically take place in these seasons to play off them to gain more leads. For example, in the warmer months, you can utilize marketing messaging that talks about “cooling down in the summer heat” and in winter during the holidays, “staying inside and cozying up with loved ones.”

Capitalize on Shoulder Season Marketing

Marketing campaigns for “shoulder seasons,” will require a shift in planning. A shoulder season is the month or months in-between two seasons. For example, the shift between winter and summer. These periods may also be considered spring and fall depending on the states you are servicing. Shoulder seasons may have sporadic weather, seeing warm days and cool nights. These tend to be slower seasons for HVAC businesses and contractors.

During shoulder seasons, you can push marketing and messaging around maintenance and repairs. The idea here is to inform consumers that it is smarter to get repairs done in-between seasons before scorching heat or extremely cold weather comes, that way they are properly prepared.

Slow shoulder seasons are a great time to manage maintenance contracts and agreements. Your business can promote HVAC maintenance agreements during shoulder seasons to entice customers to plan ahead for their future needs. Agreements can feature deals on yearly furnace or AC tune-ups to keep business booming in slow months. Offering maintenance, inspection, and unit cleaning services ensure continued business and that the consumer’s system is functioning properly. These offers help to keep the consumer comfortable in their home and worry-free before the next season starts while also increasing the life span of the unit.

While some businesses and contractors ramp up their marketing efforts in shoulder seasons, others choose to stick with a consistent plan throughout the year. No matter the route you take, it is wise to maintain contact with customers and prospects. Staying in touch in-between seasons is a great way to improve brand awareness and sentiment. This helps customers and prospects with brand recall, so they choose your business when they are in need of service.

Custom Seasonal Marketing Campaigns with BlueWing

BlueWing is here to help you plan marketing and build campaigns for each season. We’ll put together custom plans based on your target audience and the areas you service to generate business and continue to bring in sales year-round. Get started today!

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