How to Generate HVAC Leads with Data Science

Monday, February 28, 2022
Generate HVAC Leads

The goal of generating leads is to nurture their interest and engagement through the buying cycle with the end goal of conversion and retention. Finding potential prospects can be made easy with the help of a Data Science team.

BlueWing HVAC’s Data Science team can leverage data from customers or prospects to gain insights that can be applied to your HVAC marketing campaigns. Learn more about how data can help your business generate new leads.

What HVAC Information is Found with Data?

There is an abundance of consumer data out there just waiting to be utilized. So, what type of data can be used to support HVAC marketing? As of 2017, the Department of Energy recommends replacing HVAC systems every 10 to 15 years. Additionally, HVAC units should be serviced annually. Our Data Scientists can leverage this information in two ways. We can estimate the age of a house using our own data or we can use the data provided by the HVAC company to find this information. From there we can target them with the right offer based on predictions of the future services their home will require. By gathering data on the age of the homes in your service areas, you can better determine what HVAC needs prospects will have and accurately target them with the right marketing or offer.

Another prominent factor in determining leads is financial health of the household. This data set informs you as a business on what services the homeowners can afford. Ultimately helping you to personalize messaging and offers according to the financial health of the household. This personalization is important as a household that makes a smaller income may not be able to afford or finance higher end heating and cooling units.

Consumer data also allows us to sort through the type of home and craft tailored solutions to the target audience. For example, there is going to be a difference when it comes to marketing to homes and apartments. Sorting between the two is very important as most apartment residents do not choose their heating and cooling provider. This is instead chosen by the landlord, leasing office, or management of the apartment complex. Instead of marketing to the individual residents in a building, it may be better to target the landlord or leave apartments out of your strategy entirely. You’ll want to filter your data to inform the models correctly so that we’re providing the right message to the right audience.

While consumer data allows us to further uncover information about your customers, it also allows us to properly filter out prospects that don’t match your business’ target audience. All of which aids to crafting better targeted, personalized marketing.

How Does BlueWing HVAC Use Consumer Data?

Developing data models from the collected consumer data helps us to understand your customers geographic footprint, demographics, and behaviors. Through data we uncover trends and patterns in your current customers and build models based on those learnings to drive acquisitions and prospecting efforts. We train and validate robust models that optimize your marketing spend by identifying top responders in your market.

Our modeled approach applies the learnings from our in-depth analysis of your customer database to identify both top responders and non-responders. This approach lets us rank everyone in your target market by their likelihood to respond. Given a limited budget, we can market in an ordered, principled way starting with the best responders until we hit our budget.

We can also develop look-a-like models to identify prospective customers. Look-a-like models are built based on the similarities that prospects hold to your current customers. These similarities could be anything from age of home, geographic footprint, consumer behaviors, and more. We know that prospects that are closely similar to your customers have a higher propensity to convert. That’s why it is important to put your customer data to work and let it help identify and target prospects to eventually turn them into customers. We already know they may be interested in your brand or product based on consumer similarities, now all they need is a personalized marketing push.

BlueWing HVAC’s data models allow us to craft a data-driven marketing approach that generates higher response rates and finds new customers. Thanks to our models, your marketing efforts become highly targeted and personalized – ultimately driving a higher return on investment.

Understanding HVAC Consumers

Taking the time to understand your consumer and target audience will prove to be beneficial as you will discover insights to help your overall strategy. HVAC services are a necessity that consumers need to live comfortably. Reminding them that you are there to help when they have a need is good for your brand awareness and sentiment.

In regard to brand sentiment, you want to keep your customer’s trust to build loyalty around your brand and services. Consumers rely heavily on recommendations and online reviews. With this in mind, BlueWing HVAC can create campaigns that focus on building trust within the neighborhood that your business would like to target. We can build marketing campaigns that speak to how “your neighbors are using XYZ HVAC company.” Consumers feel comfortable working with a new company when they know their neighbors have used them. Hearing that their neighbors or others in their network have used a brand creates a bandwagon effect. They want to hop onboard and used the same service because of the reviews and trust that others have already put into a brand.

Geography also plays a significant role in the decision to engage with HVAC companies. Based on location, the weather experienced will differ. Some consumers may have harsh winters whereas others have lighter cool days, or don’t even experience snow at all. Keep seasonality in mind when it comes to targeting. In the fall and early winter, for territories that experience seasons, consumers are more likely in need of having their furnace serviced or replaced as they head into winter. Whereas consumers in a more temperate climate that don’t experience significant temperature swings, have less need for heaters or furnaces to begin with. Our Data Science team can identify and build geographical/climate parameters into our models to help you better target based on the seasons.

Another key insight that BlueWing’s Data Science team has found is that distance of the HVAC dealer plays a much smaller role in contrast to that of a retailer. This has to do with the fact that most HVAC providers go to the customers rather than the customer traveling to their location. An additional benefit to having the HVAC dealer go to the customer is that they can advertise their services on their van or through lawn signs of the home that was serviced. This can have a micro effect on the local neighborhood. Seeing a neighbor using a service will both remind the passerby that they need to get their own HVAC units checked and that this is the company to do it. As mentioned before, consumers are more trusting when they know someone that has used a particular service. Seeing a van or lawn sign at a neighbor’s home creates a sense of trust and quality. They think “if my neighbor already trusts this company, I should too.” Knowing this, we can help you create direct mail and digital campaigns that target neighbors in the areas you service for higher response rates, lower cost of engagement and acquisition and higher ROI’s.

Get Targeted, Data-Driven Marketing with BlueWing HVAC

BlueWing HVAC, a Darwill company, will help you create a strategic and data-driven marketing plan. With data insights you will have a better understanding of your customers and prospects and be able to better target them, leading to higher response rates. Let us help you by learning more about your needs and target audience. Start a conversation today!


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