Email Marketing For B2C Companies

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Email marketing is a great tool to have in your marketing toolbox. Not only does it help you send targeted messages to your customers, but it offers a great return on investment. According to Campaign Monitor, businesses gain $44 for every $1 spent on emails. Unlike other forms of marketing, email boasts a solid open rate of 20%. Email has also been proven to be a “complimentary activity,” meaning it is often conducted while people do other activities like watching television, sitting in traffic, or laying in bed. People check their emails round the clock and mostly on their phones, allowing you to reach them no matter where they are. Now that you know what email marketing can do for your company, how can you leverage this medium to get more customers? Here is a list of best practices for you to follow to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

Start With Hello

Statistics show that sending welcome emails to your customers in an extremely effective way to reach them. In fact, emails that introduce your company and its services net a 320% higher ROI than emails that simply serve as a promotion. These emails serve as a first impression for your customers and give you a chance to cast your company in a good light. They can also be your foundation for adding more people to your email mailing list. What makes a good welcome email?

  1. They are aesthetically pleasing - the design of your email is just as important as the content of your email. It can invite your customers in or turn them off completely. When developing the best concept for your email marketing campaign, think about the color scheme you plan to use for your emails. Do they complement your branding or do they clash with what your main message is?
  2. The content is compelling - humans have a very short attention span, so keeping your content succinct yet interesting is key. Use persuasive words like “because,” “you,” and “imagine.” Even though the purpose of this email is to welcome new customers, you should still include a call to action (CTA) in your emails. A good CTA will entice your customers to do something in relation to your business, like scheduling an appointment or filling out a consultation form.

Follow Up With Confidence

Once you’ve emailed your customers introducing yourself, you can begin sending follow up emails. As you know, in order to make an impact, you should implement an email campaign that features multiple emails meant to meet your business goals. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or book more appointments for your technicians, email marketing is the perfect way to reach your customers. Like welcome emails, follow up and promotional emails have a great reception - stats show that 28% of people enjoy receiving promotional emails from businesses they like. So how can you make sure your follow up and promotional emails make an impact?

  1. Intriguing Subject Lines - with direct mail, the envelope is the first thing customers see and must make an impact immediately. With email, your subject line will dictate whether people open your email or toss it in the trash - in fact, nearly 40 percent of people choose to open their email based on the subject line. It is important that your subject line is succinct and intriguing. Use words like “save,” “quick,” and “sale.”
  2. Personalization Matters - email works best when it is personal. They stand out from the clutter of junk people receive daily. They are more likely to be clicked on as opposed to other emails. They promote a sense of brand loyalty. They receive 14% more click-throughs than other emails. So how can you make sure that your emails are personalized? Use your customers’ names. Make sure the content is applicable for them and the time of the year (you wouldn’t want to send an email out about getting a furnace tune-up in the middle of May). Use the information you’ve gained about user behavior to email them about a service or product they have expressed interest in.

Mind Your Data

In order to reach your customers, you need to make sure that your data list is pristine. You wouldn’t want to send out a campaign that you’ve worked so hard on only to receive a ton of “email not delivered” or “address unknown” email response. So what can you do to make sure your data is legit? Keep your email list updated. Make sure that the email you have on file is the appropriate one for your customers. Ensure that your customer’s information is updated - know if they’ve changed their names, addresses, and more. Also, be sure that you’re updating your lists and removing customers who have decided to opt-out of your email lists.

A well-timed, well-executed email can deliver a great ROI and get you more leads and customers. To make the most of your email marketing, be sure that your content is tailored to your customer’s desires and needs. Make sure your data lists are up to date so your emails get to the appropriate parties.

If you need help boosting your email response rates or fine-tuning your design, contact BlueWing HVAC today. As a team of experts, we have years of experience helping HVAC companies like yours make the most of their email campaigns. Schedule a consultation today or set up a call with one of our marketing experts.


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