Benefits of Direct Mail

Friday, February 23, 2018

We are now in a digital age, leading many companies to concentrate the bulk of their marketing efforts on internet-based platforms. Despite this change from paper to screens, that doesn’t necessarily mean traditional methods are no longer effective. Direct mail is still a highly effective way to reach your customers. Here are a few benefits of direct mail.

No Spam Filter

Email marketing is a great tool to reach your customers, but sometimes they end up in the spam folder. With direct mail, you never have to worry about your tune-up specials or your magnet mailers reaching your customers. In addition, people are more likely to keep direct mail as opposed to email, making direct mail the perfect medium to send your customers AC replacement offers or laminated mailers with discounts on services.

Target Specific People

Targeting the right people is key for a successful marketing campaign. For prospecting, you can identify your customers’ profile from your database, and purchase a list of people with demographic criteria that fit that profile.  You can also segment your customer list to promote different messages, services, products and offers for applicable audiences vs. a “one-size-fits-all” campaign approach. 

It’s Cost Effective

Direct Mail typically has a lower cost per acquisition. According to Digital Donut, the average cost per acquisition for direct mail is $51, compared to $55 for email marketing. Since more people act on direct mail right away, you can receive a great ROI with your direct mail.

Easy to Understand

There’s a reason direct mail is synonymous with “traditional marketing.” Not only does direct mail let you send targeted messaging to your customers, but it’s a medium that is easier to understand – direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process compared to digital media, according to TrueImpact.  Since people of all ages are more familiar with direct mail, they are more likely to take action on it – 79% of people act on direct mail right away, according to Digital Donut.

Flexible and Versatile

There are many direct mail formats and sizes to choose from such as flyers, brochures, letters, postcards and more. The different sizes, formats and printing technologies allow you to personalize your campaign and messaging for each customer. In today’s world, people expect that you speak to them on a 1:1 basis. Send current customers maintenance agreement offers, or remind them to schedule their A/C tune-up.  Notify new movers in your market of your HVAC services and introduce them to your brand.

Easy to Integrate

It’s been proven that direct mail performs best when layered with other marketing platforms. According to SDL, 90% of customers want to receive communication from organizations in a multchannel manner. To boost your multichannel approach, feature a link to your website on your direct mail piece. Send mail recipients display ads and drop ringlemss voicemails with your campaign offer on their cell phones.  Add your social media links in your email.

Calls To Action

Since direct mail campaigns have a higher response rate, your calls to action are sure to resonate more with your customers. A call to action, or CTA, is a short sentence that encourages your customers to take action. The most effective calls to action are time bound and have a clear indication of what you want your customers to do. Examples of this are “Schedule your furnace tune-up today,” or “Sign-up for our newsletter now to take advantage of our specials.”

Direct mail is a highly effective medium to reach your customers. To learn more about how to make direct mail work for you, contact BlueWing HVAC today.


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