About Us

At BlueWing HVAC, our goal is to deliver the best possible direct and digital marketing results for the HVAC companies we serve. With decades of marketing experience, we are able to build highly effective, customized campaigns designed to maximize ROI. We have partnered with various HVAC and plumbing contractors over the years, employing our proven marketing strategies to help increase each client's customer base and grow their business. We work with over 300 HVAC and plumbing companies and send out over 30 million pieces of mail annually, so it's safe to say we know the best methods for marketing within this industry. By relying on our expertise that delivers consistent results time and time again, you can leave the challenging task of figuring out the most effective ways of marketing your business to us.

As the owner of an HVAC company, you know that this industry is highly competitive. How are you differentiating your company from a marketing standpoint so you can stand out from the competition? To achieve sustained growth, you need a direct marketing partner who specializes in this industry and knows it backward and forward. We consider ourselves direct marketing experts, and back up this claim with proven results that have allowed us to double our growth from year to year. While much of our success is based on the results we are able to achieve for our clients, we understand the importance current and potential clients place on customer service. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that we can not only deliver the results you're looking for, but also make the experience of working with us as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Our Team

BlueWing has over 15 years of experience in the direct marketing industry, but the combined experience of our team makes for many more years of experience than that. We have specialists in all areas of direct marketing including creative, analytics, web design and development, SEO, PPC, sales, and more. Led by our experienced management team, we are able to deliver customized direct marketing campaigns that maximize ROI for clients. Our view is that both of our companies can benefit from partnering together: our team can take the challenging and time-consuming task of direct marketing off your shoulders and give you better results than you could obtain on your own, and both businesses can grow from this partnership.

Simply give us a call today to get your HVAC business on the right path to increased growth. Our team won't sell you anything you don't need, because we think of your results as our results as well. We are dedicated to delivering services that work for you, not for us. Our team will be respectful and helpful when it comes to you and your business, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come. Find out more about BlueWingHVAC by viewing the talented members of our team below and then give us a call so we can start growing your business together.

about BlueWingHVAC, Jim Antis

Jim Antis

Vice President, Operations

about BlueWingHVAC, Beth Gill

Beth Gill

Vice President, Human Resources

about BlueWingHVAC, Gus Gutierrez

Gus Gutierrez

Vice President, Technical Services

about BlueWingHVAC, Mark DeBoer

Mark DeBoer

Vice President, Customer Experience

about BlueWingHVAC, Kim Pannos

Kim Pannos

Creative Director

about BlueWingHVAC, Daniel Bolt

Daniel Bolt

Regional Account Executive

Chris Hagel

Director of Data Science

Valeria Rodriguez

Valeria Rodriguez

Account Manager

Brittany DeBaltz

Account Manager

about BlueWingHVAC, Ben Huffine

Ben Huffine


Brooke Cheek

Creative Lead

Christina Verdone

Print & Web Designer


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