Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Your website says so much about your business. It is what your clients and potential customers visit if they want information about your business. Nowadays, people merely just search everything on the web via their mobile devices. This just simply means that everyone is now able to buy products, write reviews, like or comment on a page, and whatever else that can be done on the Internet, even when they are mobile. 

You could miss out on important sales, appointments, or positive reviews if your website is not mobile friendly. Read below to know more about why having a mobile-friendly site is beneficial for your business.

Beating Your Competitors

Your competitors in the market may sell the same stuff at the same prices as you. But sometimes, if not most of the time, it all boils down to how accessible you are online. People are always on their phones. It is extremely convenient for your customers and potential clients to be able to easily access your website for whatever reason.

What you can do is visit the websites of your competitors and check how optimized their websites are via mobile. Be one step ahead and make your site more mobile friendly than theirs.

Better Mobile SEO

Google has the biggest say when it comes to rankings. Website responsiveness is something that Google takes seriously. Search engine optimization has a huge impact on how well your website ranks according to Google. The more mobile-friendly your site is, the better chances you have of getting better rankings.

Better Website Load Speed

Did you know that mobile website users will more likely abandon a page if it takes more than 6 seconds for a site to load? What can be more frustrating than visiting a website on your mobile device that takes too long to load or won’t even load at all? You don’t want potential and existing clients to go through this hurdle. You could lose potential sales with a bad website. If your site is optimized for mobile, you won’t have to worry about website load speed anymore.

More Time Spent On Your Website

Nothing is more important than capturing a user’s attention using your website. Converting visitors to customers can be a real challenge if your website is not optimized well for mobile devices. People are always on the go. What makes them stick to your website, even if they are mobile, is if your content and your pages can be navigated easily.

Satisfied Customers And Potential Clients

People who spend time on a website that is user-friendly will generally be satisfied with whatever information they need to capture from your site. They could become your customers, or maybe they are already existing clients who will continue to use your products or services all because they got through your website fast and easy.

Your website has a purpose. Most businesses want to generate more sales and maintain existing clients. A mobile-friendly site can definitely help you achieve this goal. Call BlueWing HVAC now at (877) 960-3292 to learn how we can help in optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly.

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Gain More Customers
  •   Maximize Your Sales and ROI