Four Ways To Use Social Media For HVAC Companies

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Since the advent of social media, not only social interaction evolved, but so did marketing. Nowadays, It cannot be stressed enough that aside from creating and maintaining a website for your HVAC business, you should also have social media accounts that complement it. This is due to the fact that more or less everyone has a social media account, and it is apparently the best platform to reach most people.

If that is too hard to believe, look at the statistics. The Pew Research Center revealed that all ages, even up to 65 years old, are getting more and more into social media. A study by the Marketing Tech Blog concluded that around 46 percent of people look to social media before making a purchase.

Here’s how you can use social media to boost sales and awareness of your HVAC business:

Start Blogging

One of the most basic social media activities that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy is blogging. Blogging is the constant publishing of articles relevant to your product. It helps drive revenue into your business. Studies show that 61 percent of consumers said that blog articles have influenced what they purchase.

Aside from shaping consumer opinion, blogging also helps make your website more relevant on the Internet. Since your site will be churning out fresh, new content regularly, it has a better chance of being on the first few pages of search engines.

As soon as a blog post is published, share it on your social media accounts so that it appears on people’s newsfeed. It also helps if your post starts a discussion!

Social Media Contests

Another way to use social media to generate interest in your business is to offer contests and discounts that are exclusive to those platforms. With a special award at stake, your followers will be incentivized to join and even help out with your advertising!

For instance, offering a 30 percent discount on a brand new air conditioner for a lucky Instagram user that shares your photo will generate a lot of activity for your post, and your brand is discussed too!
Engage In Conversations
Perhaps the most distinguishing feature that social media affords businesses is the ability to engage with current and potential buyers at a more personal level. People like it when there’s an easy communication between user and brand.

From replying to a user’s Facebook comment to retweeting a person’s tweet about furnaces, there are a lot of ways to engage users in social media and all of them will help bring your business’ name to different people.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to categorize certain social media content under a memorable word, title, or phrase such as #HVAC4U and #BeatTheHeat2017. It is an integral part of social media content as it connects your post with similar ones, enabling it to be viewed by people interested in similar things, which only increases the likelihood of a sale.

The potential of social media in online marketing cannot be ignored. Contact Bluewing HVAC at (877) 960-3292 to fit your HVAC business with a killer online marketing strategy now.

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