5 Ideas To Draw Customers To Your Facebook Page

Thursday, July 20, 2017


We are living in the age of social media. Pretty much everyone you know is on a platform, specifically Facebook, as it is arguably the most popular and widely used social media site.

Facebook has been so entrenched in our daily lives, it’s hard to think of socializing without it. But aside from keeping in touch with friends and family and being updated with the latest trends, did you know that Facebook can be used to market your business?

Yes, social media for businesses is now a thing and companies of all sizes are slowly coming to the realization that with proper technique, Facebook is more beneficial to their business than they imagined! Properly harnessed, Facebook can afford your business with its appropriate audience, constant and candid engagement, and so much more!

Here are five ways you can reel in Facebook users to your business’ page:

Promote Your Facebook Page in Your Blog

A blog is one of the integral tools in your online marketing strategy and thus it is absolutely vital that your company has one. It also has to be constantly publishing unique and captivating content.

Wordpress is one of the go-to sites for blogging and it has nifty features such as a plugin that allows you to display your Facebook page in your blog, as well as a number of your posts on the platform. People who are interested in your blog’s content are likely to follow you on Facebook, so it pays to link the two.

Post Frequently

Like with your blog, you should also post frequently in Facebook itself. The idea is essentially the same; post interesting content in the form of a question, a captivating picture, or video so that people will interact with it. Posting regularly affords you with a stronger connection to your audience and a brand that communicates well is bound to see customers.

Promote In Your Email List

Another marketing strategy that businesses have in their repertoire is email campaigns. Since you will be having a number of contacts to send out your email advertisements to, give them the heads up about your business’ Facebook page so that your subscribers, the people who are most likely fans of your product or services already, would be able to engage with you on Facebook. They could even share your page or talk about it on their own accounts!

Exchange Shout Outs

Oftentimes, it can be a great idea to work with other pages to spread more awareness about each other. Once you’ve accumulated enough subscribers, contact a page that is similar to yours or a page that has your desired audience and negotiate a shout out exchange. By directly advertising each other, both your pages will have more reach and will be seen by more people that are likely interested in what you have to offer.

Use Paid Facebook Advertising

Facebook has a built-in advertising deal for those who are willing to pay for better reach and if you really are serious about online marketing, this should be considered. Good social media managers and online marketers will be able to convert a small budget into thousands of likes, immensely growing your audience and consequently, your sales.  


Around a billion users are active on Facebook every day, and so bringing your business on the platform is a great and interesting way to promote yourself and reach your audience. Contact BlueWing HVAC now at (877) 960-3292 to learn how to utilize Facebook for your HVAC business.

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